CareSoft Pro ®
Pure simplicity.
Unwanted minerals and hardness will be a thing of the past with the CareSoft Pro system. It is specially designed for your lifestyle using less water and less salt, but performing with maximum efficiency automatically. Featuring our patented IQ2 technology, your WaterCare® dealer will tailor your CareSoft Pro system to effectively meet your household’s specific water needs.
  • Removes minerals that stain your plumbing fixtures and eliminates foul tastes and odors
  • Reduces hardness making your detergents and appliances operate more efficiently
  • Minimizes water and salt use to save you money
  • Monitors and self-adjusts to water use patterns and changes


CareSoft Pro Twin Systems

For bigger and busier households, the CareSoft Pro is available as a twin system for high capacity water treatment when you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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